Friday, May 05, 2006

Everyone Is A Guest Worker On Cinco De Mayo

Okay, someone has some "splainin'" to do around here. This past Monday, protest marches and boycotts took place in a "Day Without Immigrants". Were these illegal immigrants, legal immigrants or a mixture? I'm not going to beat around the bush here, so let's get politically incorrect and just call them Mexicans. The point was to show what it would be without them and their contributions to our economy, schools, and most effectively, Mexican restaurants. I sure did learn my lesson.
Did they also boycott hospitals when they got sick or hurt? Did they boycott crime? I'm not saying all of these folks are criminals, but have you looked in your county jail lately? I have and you'd be surprised at the demographics. Don't want to visit, ask the jailer.
The President says it's unrealistic to deport 11 million people. But what about the lady from Russia or Slovenia who is here with a green card and is in the system? If her visa ran out yesterday, she's screwed. INS will be all her like stink on dog crap, while Pedro in the jailhouse doesn't have to worry because he's probably working under a fake name, social security number, etc.
Happy Cinco De Mayo, amigos!!

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