Thursday, May 18, 2006

Honky Like Me

Honky. Can the word itself destroy society we live in? Can any word do such a thing? I doubt it. Of course, in the world of political correctness, words can hurt, maim, spindle and kill. I've heard of being killed with kindness, but that is another matter.
"Mr. Carrot, I hereby sentence you to death, by kindness." Then a sweet lady comes in and keeps feeding you her delicious apple pie and tells you how much you've grown and shit until you get so sick of her, you kill yourself.
Let's get back to words that kill. George Jefferson, a great thinker and dry cleaner in his day, used the "H" word excessively, usually at the expense of Mr. Bentley or Tom Willis. Granted, they were some serious honkies, in the same way that Frasier Crane, his brother Niles, and anyone who enjoys classical music are serious honkies. But old George said it with such vitriol and venom in his voice, that it became a racial slur. Where was the outrage?
Archie Bunker, the true foil of George Jefferson, never used the "N" word. He was much more imaginative, and he should be an inspiration to us all. When you can't think of the right epithet, use something else, like "cockroach" or "Rush Limbaugh listener".
Remember, when words are outlawed, only outlaws will have words. Deep, huh?
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Anonymous said...

"Hairy Carrot: Offending People Everywhere for Nearly 1600th of a Century."

Feel free to use it you racist, sexist, ageist, philanthropist, anthropologist, you. There, take that!

Baron von Horne