Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Can't Make This Up!!/ May Bike Fests Vol 2

Let me start off by saying if anything here is offensive, I've done my job well. Making you think is my job.
The NAACP stirred up a pile of shit a few years ago by suing the local governments and businesses on the Grand Strand for discrimination (what else?). This included restaurants closing, differing traffic schemes and general "we don't like the way our black brothers are being treated". Seems EVERYTHING should be equal between streetbikes and Harley-Riders. But let's turn the tables for a moment.
The town of Atlantic Beach (a "black owned town" according to the official website) has decided to charge a $10 fee for admission to their town this year and this is where the NAACP needs to step in. You see, there isn't an admission fee for those honkies on the Harleys if they want to enter the town during the Harley Bike Fest. Smells like discrimination to this Hairy Carrot. Will the NAACP sue Atlantic Beach for on the behalf of the black bikers because the Harley dudes don't pay during their bike fest?
Of course I've turned around two completely different issues and confused the facts enough to make you wonder. And that's exactly what the NAACP does. Who says a honky can play that game too.
On a lighter note, the Hairy Carrot Nation decided to cancel the annual Rumpshaker Contest due to public outcry. It will be replaced by a Badonkadonk Contest. Venues are still being considered.

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