Thursday, June 01, 2006

Da Spelling Bee

Katherine Close just won the National Spelling Bee and wow, was that exciting! She spelled "ursprache", which is a vaginal infection, prevalent in coastal areas of the United States. And this is where we think the Spelling Bee organizers are rather biased.
Of the last 40 or so words the kids attempted to spell, at least 30 of them were based on the female anatomy or some female "problem". How is a twelve year old boy supposed to know what a "maxipad" is, much less "menstruation". The only time the guys had a chance was when it came to the word "swallow". The girls didn't have a clue. One of them even asked the "country of origin", like it was foreign or something. Maybe she's married, because once they get married, they forget all about shit like that.
The ebonics spelling bee will take place next month, with contestants attempting to spell words like "birfday", "skrawbary" and "wif".
Oh, and the Hairy Carrot hopes he spelled her name correctly.

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