Friday, June 23, 2006

Liberal Bee Jays

Desperately trying to find a topic, the intrepid Hairy Carrot news teams stumbled upon this gem from the June 22, 2006 edition Southwest Daily Times, in Liberal, Kansas. The story had to do with a screwy minor league baseball game between the Liberal Bee Jays and the Derby Twins. The gist of the article was that it took 31/2 hours to play less than 5 innings, due to delays. The delays included a coach being ejected, lightening, rain, and a 35-degree drop in the temperature. Since when did a drop in temperature delay a game? Anyway, the Twins, frustrated at the delays and the officials' lack of decision making skills, had enough, packed their gear and left. The umpires called the games (evidently it was a double-header) a forfeit.
The most interesting part of this article was the name of the team. It just doesn't get any better than that. Remember, Kansas is a pretty conservative place. This only makes it better when you imagine girls with t-shirts proclaiming, "I (heart) Bee Jays!". If the team goes undefeated, their slogan could be "You Can't Beat A Bee Jay!"
The big leagues should look into these kinds of names as well. The Houston Hummers could play the Texas Titties or the Cleveland Cunning Linguists on "Dental Dam" night.
We realize that we're about 50 years to late to savor the endless possibilities of Liberal Bee Jays team slogans and logos. Why didn't we hear about this earlier? At this point, it doesn't matter, just enjoy. If you have any ideas for team promotions, let us know in our comment section.

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