Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Terrorists Vs. Our Gang(s)

Crime has increased for the first time in a long time and the official government line attributes the jump to gang related activities. Gangs have started to move to the Midwest because there are plenty of white kids that aren't into crystal meth and crack yet, so they have an untapped market. Either as a member or a customer, these youths are sucked into this shit.
But the main thing gangs are good at is scaring people off of their turf, or terrorizing them. Just like in the movies, little old ladies can't walk down the street without fear of getting robbed or beaten or worse. Hell, I'm more afraid of a crackhead with a shiv getting to me more than I'm worried about Al Qaida.
The tactics of gangs and terrorists are obviously similar. They both use fear as their main weapon, as well as violence, and turf warfare. Also, they both generate an income stream through illegal drug sales.
Which brings us to another point. Why doesn't our congress grow a pair and officially declare gangs as "Domestic Terrorists". Sure, it's a cheap excuse for a solution, but it would work better than whatever we're doing now. Instead of only the FBI watching the gangs, Homeland Security could also get in on the act. Military tribunals and keeping "detainees" in Guantanamo would also be part of the package.
But a better solution is out there as well. After their name/status is changed by government, we can cut them a deal. Offer them a new turf, a new market for their crack and meth - IRAQ!!
But they can have it under one condition - if they kick the terrorists and insurgents out of the country. Talk about a brilliant idea. The thugs leave here, go there, and fight a war for a country that, at this point, has nowhere to go but up.
I'm not bragging on the gangs, but you know that the smallest crip could kick Osama's ass. Word!

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