Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day

Two big news stories took over the press today. Lil' Kim's release from prison, where she served nearly 10 months for lying to a grand jury. She had said to the cops that she didn't see her friends at the scene of a shootout in New York. Unfortunately for the liar, she was caught on video and some witnesses dimed her, too.
Since when did lying to a grand jury become such a big deal? Let's see....oh yeah!! Bill Clinton got nailed on that one for the presidential hummer he denied. Pretty sad day when you have to lie about getting your knob polished. And then there's this Scooter Libby guy who is about to get pinched for helping expose a spy.
The joke possibilities are endless when you consider blowing someone's cover and blowing Bill's - never mind!
Anyway, I hope she is completely rehabilitated and remembers the old adage, "If you lie with the dogs, you'll get up with the fleas." I'm sure she's made new friends in the last 10 months who will keep her out of trouble.
The other big story had to do with cracks being discovered in the space shuttle. At first glance, I thought the article was that crack was found. I immediately implicated Lil' Kim and wondered how she got to Florida so fast. But after watching hours of CNN, Lil' Kim was nowhere to be found on the launch pad.
Surely, someone can fix the shuttle. Isn't there a Mr. Goodwrench in Florida somewhere?

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