Monday, August 28, 2006

The King Of All BS'ers

This John Mark Karr dude has got a set made of titanium. Shit, he was about to get pinched in Thailand and what does he do? He sets his own ass up as being there when little Jon Benet got killed. And what did he win? A free trip home, and more importantly, out of Thailand! Let me put it this way. Those towel heads were naked and stacked up and doing their impression of a pile of shit in Abu Gharib are still glad they weren't doing time in a Thai prison.
Karr was kicking around looking for a teaching job in Thailand. He insisted on working with little girls, even going so far as sending some of his kiddy porn collection as part of his resume. (I'm telling you, he's got balls.) But when his funds got low, he wanted to come back to America. And given the pussy-fied nature of our penal system, he's counting on getting out of jail and walking his perverted ass down the streets of your hometown, looking for fresh meat. Instead, he should be put down, like a half-blind rabid dog that insists on humping your leg. Show me 5, shit, make it 3, rehabilitated child molesters, and I'll show you 3 of the best liars you ever met. You see, they can't be rehabilitated. Once that shit gets into your system, you're stuck with that like a crack monkey on the back of a chicken-head whore.
So, here we are. Mr. Karr got a free ride home because his DNA didn't match, the press is looking even more idiotic than we originally thought, and he's going to do some misdemeanor time before he starts his bottom feeding at your kid's daycare. You sensitive bitches brought this shit on yourselves.

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jefferson poole said...

You're probably right, but I still think the D.A. had a motivation for allowing the guy to get so much press.

I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that the dad has gone under the radar since the freak got back.

Was the D.A. looking at Ramsey all along?