Friday, August 04, 2006

Mel Gibson Is A Terrorist Lover

Piling on. It's what we love to do. You get some idiot, raise him or her to stratospheric levels, then knock them down first chance you get. Next, the press and public pile on and give sweeping "what were you thinking?" diatribes.
When you consider that our newest victim of this sick game is Mel Gibson, star of such classics as "What Women Want", "The Chili Con Carne Club", and of course, "Hamlet", well, it's just lovely.
It's old news at this point, but to recap, Mel got drunk and decided to drive home. When he got pulled by the cops, he went into the old Gibson rant about how horrible the Jews are.
There are obvious problems here. First of all, what drunk get pulled and goes on an anti-Semitic rant? I'd be mustering up all of my "Hairy Carrot Powers" to convince the officer that I'm sober, not questioning his ethnicity.
Secondly, Mel's been accused of not liking Jews in the past, but he used his charms to convince us that it just wasn't true. I admit, I even fell for his wily ways and dreamy good looks (not).
Third, he's genetically predisposed. You see, his daddy, Hutton Gibson, is a loony Jew hater too. Mel came to Papa Hutton's defense in a Barbara Walters interview during the promotion of "The Passion of the Christ". When asked about his father's views, Mel said, "Don't go there, Barbara." Being the hard-hitting journalist that she is, Babs gave in like a crackwhore at an adult bookstore.
Hutton doesn't even think that Islamic terrorists were responsible for 9/11. Hmm, he defends terrorists and hates Jews. You know, the fruit probably doesn't fall far from the tree. Shit, I used to believe a lot of my dad's bullshit, like the time he said he'd spend some quality time with me. But I'm not scarred, honest!!!
Mel, dry out, go to rehab, start the Hutton Gibson Home for Aged Jews, or whatever. Just don't try to bullshit us with those dreamy blue eyes. We won't fall for it again.

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