Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Viral Videos

First off, viral videos are not sexually tranmitted porn. Even so, I've got to admit I like watching people do dumb shit. Whether it's a choreographed dance routine on treadmills or a woman freaking out on kids in the back of a truck, it's funny. If you're not familiar with viral videos, check out You Tube, Break or Ebaum's World.
Imagine "America's Funniest Videos" without the wacky sound effects and a lot more interesting. There are vids of teenagers beating the shit out of each other, crazy people yelling at the camera, stunts, clips of Japanese hidden camera shows, etc. Those guys who figured out that Mentos and Diet Coke are a great combination got popular when their clips started going around on the Viral Video Circuit. (By the way, at what point did these tools stop jerking off long enough to think of ways to using sodas to simulate ejaculation?)
These clips are great conversation fodder, but then there's always that jackass who will say, "Dude, that's shit is old! I saw the guy eating a turd like four months ago!" Translated to english, he's saying, "I'm a tool that surfs the net all day long!"
So, to you who love videos of people doing dangerous stuff like practicing unsafe sex, I encourage you to get out your cameras so the rest of us can share the fun. We'll be watching.

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