Friday, September 22, 2006

Playing Us Like A Cheap Violin

I'm going to keep this short, mainly because I'll go fucking crazy if I keep thinking about Hugo Chavez.
In case you don't know who this asshole is, he's the Presidente of Venezuela, which is sending us about a quarter of our foreign oil. That means he has us by about a quarter of our short hairs, as well. A while back, Pat Robertson, the wacky preacher with the funny little drinking problem, stated that the U.S. should go ahead and have Chavez assassinated. Very Christian, indeed!
Anyway, Hugo came to New York on Wednesday and declared George Bush "the devil". He even said that the smell of sulfur was still on the podium from Bush' s speech the day before. So much for diplomacy.
Condoleeza Rice, speaking for the administration, said she wasn't going to "dignify the remarks" with a reply. Taking the high road shit is for the birds in this instance, whether you think Bush is Lucifer himself, or just a lieutenant in the evil army of Hades. Personally, I think his daddy got him preferential treatment and he was in the Satanic National Guard, flying decommissioned planes from Texas to Florida, but that's another story.
The day after Hugo's speech, he went to Harlem, where he played up his new program. What was this new program, you ask? Heating fuel for poor Americans.
I know we are screwed when we let a foreigner come here, insult our president, then start a program that our own government should be doing in the first place. Maybe we can let the Iranians feed the poor or the North Koreans could staff our military. Sounds like we solve a lot of problems that way.

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Octavio Johnson said...

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