Friday, September 29, 2006

School Violence

What in the hell are people thinking of when they start shooting up schools and shit? In the last couple of days, a principal has been killed in Wisconsin and a teenage girl was killed in Colorado.
The Colorado case was especially fucked up. Duane Morrison, a complete loser with some serious mental problems (documented or not), went into a school, held six teenage girls hostage and molested some or all of them before releasing four of the girls. Of the two remaining, one girl managed to get a way from Morrison, who claimed he had a bomb. Then the asshole shot the other girl in the back of the head before offing himself. What a guy!
Of course, after the incident, it was revealed that this cocksucker had sent his brother a letter that consisted of fourteen pages of his ramblings. In a nutshell, the letter's theme was one of "woe to me". Fucking crybaby.
"My life is sooooo bad. Everyone is mean to me." I have no sympathy or understanding for you or your sad life. Look around, bastard, because there are a lot of people who have it worse and they're not whining like a little bitch, or worse, killing cute girls.
The other case in Wisconsin, involved a student shooting his principal to death. His motive had something to do with being upset due to a possible suspension from school. What was this dick being suspended for? Having tobacco on school grounds.
I didn't know you weren't allowed to have tobacco. Hell, when I was in high school, we actually had a "smoking concourse" where students were encouraged to go to smoke. And those kids were a lot more fun to hang with that the preppy little bitches. Of course, while I was taking trigonometry and college prep English, they were taking masonry and remedial math, but it didn't matter.
I think the cure for this shit is two-pronged and completely diametric. First off, we need to take the stick out of our own asses on shit like smoking and drinking. If that's the worst you can do, we'll handle it somehow. Secondly, we need to start beating the shit out of people that are just fucked up. If you can't behave (and I can only venture a guess that Mr. Morrison had already proved in some way that he was a threat to others), then you either go to Afghanistan and kill terrorists, or we drop you in the ocean and let you fight your deep seeded mental problems in the watery depths. Either way, I'm sick of you and the overly tolerant pussies that take up for your bullshit.

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