Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chris Rock's Mama And Al Sharpton

Last spring, Chris Rock's mother and sister went into a Cracker Barrel restaurant. That's where the trouble started. Supposedly, the two were seated and then ignored for over 30 minutes. Feeling slighted on the basis of their blackness, they complained. The manager apologized (said they were changing shifts) and offered them free meals, but as you probably know, that wasn't good enough. So now, Mrs. Rock has called Al Sharpton and she is suing Cracker Barrel.
Let's set the record straight, or as some might say, "skrate". It's a "Cracker" Barrel, bitch! Would you try to get a room at a "Honky Hotel"? Probably. And then you'd piss and moan about that, too. Hows about I go to a soul food place and have everyone stare at me? Like the scene in "Animal House" when the Deltas went to see Otis Day and the Knights. But then I'll sue the ass off of the brother that owns it because I've been singled out due to my honkiness. Sounds grand!!
And you want to know something? I've been through the same shit all up and down the Grand Skrand. It's called Shitty Service. It has nothing to do with race or creed or color. It's all about people having shitty paying jobs and not giving a damn. Hell, I'm a whitey and I've been left to my own devices in upscale seafood joints, Mexican restaurants and those stupid "three and a meat" dumps.
So, get over yourselves and quit complaining. I'm sure Chris will have some rant about this on his next HBO special. "My mutha fucking mother wasn't served at a Cracker Barrel because of the color of her skin and this is 2006. How fucked up is dat!" I'll remember this all next time the little black girl at McDonald's doesn't remember my fries. "I'm oppressed, bitch!"

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