Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GOP Congress Literally Covers Its Ass

Let's say that you are a social conservative and you think that the Republican held Congress is just neato. You think Bush is okey dokey and, gosh darn it, those homosexuals are going straight to hell.
Now you find out that a Congressman likes to email dirty messages to little boys, and worse, his attorney tells the media (liberal and Fox) that he's gay. "By the way, did we mention he was molested by a clergyman and he's a drunk?" Can this get even better?
Well, it seems it can, and it will. The GOP leaders in the House of Representatives were informed a year ago that Rep. Foley was inappropirately corresponding with pages. Taking a note from the Catholic church and NAMBLA, they decided to sweep it under the rug and hope it would go away. It didn't go away. Now those leaders want you to remember that they are just as concerned about social conservatism as much as you are, with the exception of older men wanting to bugger teen boys in the their butts.
The not-so-surprising thing is that the pages saved the emails and instant messages just like Monica saved that dress with Slick Willie's man-seed on it. Hard copies of the messages appeared on ABC News' website.
Barney Frank, who has been the official sphincter boy of Congress for the past decade, is "laying low" (no pun intended) while Speaker Hastert bends over backward (intended) to keep his job. Now here's a scandal we can all enjoy, unless you're a page.
My summary: Republicans and Democrats are both perverts, so vote for a third party.

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