Friday, October 20, 2006

Top GOP Leaders Love Homos

Did you know that the Republican National Committe sends out daily talking points? And that those talking points are distributed through the Drudge Report? It's true. The Drudge Report is used as a conservative clearing house of " information" for media outlets like Fox News, Rush, Hannity and other "fair and balanced" pundits.
The problem is that Drudge, who ironically made his mark on the world by breaking the Clinton blowjob story, has himself,been long rumored to be a dick smoker for years. This means that while the Republicans have been on the defensive during the Mark Foley scandal and telling everyone how distasteful the whole thing is, gay conservatives have been coming out of the woodwork and saying how they still love their party. And the party loves them. And all the while, the big mouths on the radio are getting all their talking points from some rump ranger.
These are the big mouths that tell everyone how gay marriage is a horrible threat to straight marriage and that gays are sinners. Family values is what it's all about.
So, yesterday, Bush went to Ohio and campaigned on behalf of a congressman who had an affair and is trying to defend himself against charges that he beat his mistress. (Damn family values!)When Bush was asked how he could support such a man, he made some lame comment about how we're all sinners and deserve forgiveness.
Except the fags. Unless their voting. That when he loves 'em. And he loves Matt Drudge.
Conservative fudge packers, unite!!


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