Friday, November 03, 2006

An Asian Girl's Favorite Holiday

The Hairy Carrot Mid-Term Election News Crew has been working hard on our picks for several offices. Our criteria was simple: vote for the person that won't screw up as much as the rest. Also, some just had better ads and didn't grate on our nerves as much as others. Some were pricks, so we tossed them aside. On the whole, we used a very scientific method.
For South Carolina Governor, we chose Mark Sanford, the incumbent. The main reason was that he's not a good ole boy redneck.
In Connecticut, we suggest Phil Maymin, the Libertarian. He's got the best commercial in this year's races. Watch and you'll see why we like him.
Overall, we don't like the Democrats nor the Republicans. They both suck ass hard, so out of disgust, we suggest you vote for a third party.
The Libertarian Party probably represents our sentiments the best. Most obvious is their stand on the legalization of drugs. Yippee!!!
So, next Wednesday, when you wake up and find that your tax dollars are still being whored out, just by a different set of whores, don't blame us.
And yes, Asian girls love "erection" day.

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