Monday, January 15, 2007

24 - Day 6

For those of you who don't watch "24", you're losing out on some great water cooler material. To update you, terrorists (who just happen to be Muslim) are blowing up shit left and right across America. The President, who just happens to be the brother of another formerly assassinated president (and now does Allstate commercials) is grabbing at any opportunity to stop the bombings. Jack Bauer, our hero, was going to be sacrificed as a way to strike a deal with the terrorists, but he managed to kick their asses and foil their plans. He's quite the badass.
Right about the time Jack was going to call it quits, the bad guys managed to set off an miniature nuke, thus pissing Jack off enough to make him stay on.
Now, there are also several unbelievable events on "24" that make you wonder. For instance, two black presidents in under 10 years? And neither one of them ever acted like Al Sharpton. Hmmmm. Also, this president is sporting a goatee. Yeah, right.
And how did Jack get cleaned up from his stint in a Chinese prison so nicely? He was given a bowl of water and some scissors. He managed to look like he came right out of "GQ" when he was done. What the hell did he do in that Chinese prison? Shit, Jack, put the curling iron down and make me some egg rolls!
Anyway, I highly recommend this show, if for nothing else, the violence. Watching Kiefer Sutherland gnaw on the neck of one of his captors brought back memories of "The Lost Boys", and I didn't have to suffer through the fucking "Coreys".

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