Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Greetings fellow readers, Willie B. here with an inaugural review, or as I like to call it, "What I did instead of watching American Idol." Hell, watching 2 hours of The Weather Channel is more intoxicating, because I'm always trying to figure out why all the female stormcasters are knocked up. Weather as an aphrodisiac...Hmmmm, guess Texans aren't the only ones "getting 8 inches" tonight...
Anyhow...lets get on with our review, shall we?
Part One: Ted Nugents "Spirit of The Wild."

Besides being a famous rock n' roller, brother Ted is an avid outdoorsman, political activist, and, extremely brash dude. Popularly known for his music career, Nugent has recently jumped into the spotlight for his highly conservative political views, and boy are they..
The good people at The Outdoor Channel have given The Nuge' a sweet little 30 minute nugget of TV heaven called "Spirit of The Wild," a show in which we get to watch Ted and his brood get their hunt on. Not for the squeamish, the program usually has Ted stalking deer, or some other wildlife, and then with his compound bow, launching an arrow right into the creatures vital organs. Like I said, not for the faint of heart.
The coolest thing about this carnage is that it's REAL. No Hollywood special effects on this one, I tell ya. Nothing compares to seeing Ted just go flat apeshit orgasmic over the "Mystical flight of the arrow," as he pulls down on an unsuspecting animal. And thats the joy of the show. It's not seeing Ted hunt down the creatures of our world, it's watching the sheer thrill he gets from doing it. I mean, the dude eats, breathes, and shits this stuff.
Oh, and by the way, The Motor City Madman's wife is a major part of the show. "And that's important how?" you may ask. Simple reason, really. She's SMOKING hot. Ted's wife, Shemane, is not only one fine momma, but could probably kick your ass before you knew what hit you. There's just something about seeing a hot babe in comouflage.
Alrighty folks, now that you have an idea what the show is about, I'll get Part 2 of my review up ASAP...You gotta see what he does to Marys' Little Lamb
Willie B. ...Seein ya.


Anonymous said...

Will he be shooting Bambi anytime soon?

The Baron said...

Its about damn time! I was starting to think this movie critic was a figment of the Carrot's drug addled imagination. Nice job. Glad to see a reviewer not afraid to bring up th Nuge! Now how about a review of Rump Wranglin' Cowgirls Part IV. I need to see if it lives up to the high standards of the first three. Rock on.