Friday, February 02, 2007

Climate Change?

A study was released today by scientists from 113 countries and guess what? Global warming is, in their words, "very likely" caused by humans. And all this time I thought that it was my farts.
But the far right conservatives, who are having some sort of a sexual affair with big industry, doesn't want to fess up that maybe us humans are the cause. This is because then they'd have to push legislation to cut down on pollution. Well, shit, doesn't that just cramp your style.
And these scientists don't paint a pretty picture for the future either. With ice caps melting, that raises sea levels. Think your homeowner's insurance was tough to pay before, wait until your house is under 2o feet of water.
Of course, the brighter ones of us will make our move now. Move inland, invest in "green" technologies (why not make a buck off of global warming?), and other things I haven't thought of yet.
Fifty years from now, I just want to make sure the ice in my Beam and Coke doesn't melt. Is that just too much to ask from our leaders? Shit, Bush should appreciate this argument. He used to be a drunk (but not an alcoholic, because those people are "fucking strange, with their meetings and all"). C'mon George, help a brother out.
So, my advice to all is this: Don't breed, and live it up. We'll be gone when it gets really hot anyway.

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