Sunday, March 25, 2007

Charles Manson - Maybe This Time!

If there was ever a weapon in the "War On Drugs", it would be Charles Manson. Let's face it, this guy could blame his drug use on all kinds of trouble. And once the rest of the "family" came down, they even probably looked at themselves and said, "What the fuck did I just do?" This would be more than fodder for those evil people that think that all drugs are bad.
Recently, the Baron informed me that Charles Manson is going to be up for parole again this month. For those of you wondering, yes, the Baron does keep up with these kinds of things. That's why we keep him on the payroll.
Anyway, everyone involved, including Charlie himself, knows that he won't get out of jail anytime soon. After nearly forty years, the publicity of the murders still hangs around like a bad fart and the press still likes to talk about it like it happened yesterday. Unfortunately for Manson, who never actually killed anyone, but "led his family" into it, he's portrayed as a psychopathic murderer.
Three women that were members of this "family" are still doing time as well, since they were in fact the ones that carried out the deed. It's amazing what some LSD and a charismatic leader can accomplish. After a few years in prison, the effects of dropping a little "cid" wore off, the ladies did some interviews and I have to tell you, they are not a threat to society. It doesn't matter, though, because they've all resigned themselves to the fact that they're in the poky for good.
Even Chuckie, who's an addled old guy at this point, knows he's just going through the motions with the parole board. But we should continue to give him brief moments of false hope. It's the least we can do the sorry bastard.
And speaking of sorry bastards, since when did Anna Nicole ever do a damn thing that somehow will affect my life some way? I can't watch news anymore without hearing about this chick. Who gives a shit? Seriously, I just want to know how things are in Iraq, the stock market - you know, real news. But what do I get? Autopsy reports! Unless it's my kin, I don't really care how someone goes, especially this trailer trash.
So for the news director who thinks people really gives a rats ass about Anna Nicole, let me give you some advice: Shove a Hairy Carrot up your ass, because you're a piece of shit!!

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The Baron said...

I REALLY think this is the year Charlie will make it. As long as they gag him from making insane comments before the board. I even emailed Corcoran Prison and told them I'd put him up for a month or so when he gets out, just to help get him on his feet. Besides, the WalMart down the road is looking for a greeter. He'd be perfect. And if he doesn't get out, maybe they'll release Leslie Van Houten. Quite hot in her day. I still get wood watching her and the 2 other chicks holding hands and singing a little Manson ditty on the way to the courtroom. And she can pull off the bald look. Just wonder if the carpet matches the drapes! Maybe a little X carved above the cootch!