Monday, April 30, 2007

24 - Revisited

If you haven't been watching "24" this season, now is the time to jump in. You see, the terrorists who had nukes (and lit the fuse on one) have been caught, and with plenty of time for the show's writing staff to change the story completely to a new plot line. With 4 (or is it 5?) hours left in the day/season, our hero Jack Bauer has discovered that his main squeeze (painfully played by Kim Raver) was being held captive by the Chinese. He managed to get her released, but only by giving away Russia's nuclear secrets.
Ms. Raver quit the show last year to be in her own show, which was mercifully cancelled after the Discovery channel's documentary on a 450 pound turd killed it in the ratings. So "24" took her back. Her character, Audrey Raines, has had her brains scrambled by her Chinese torturers, which is going to make Jack extra motivated, since he obviously still wants to tap that ass and she's in no condition to put up a fight.
In this season's story, Jack has been freed by the Chinese himself (see "irony"), chased Arab terrorists, single handledly assaulted the Russian embassy, killed his partner, tortured his brother, been accused of killing his brother (his dad did it), got a boner for his sister-in-law and had a sit-down with the President. All of this, mind you, without once stopping to piss or take a shit. This explains the look on his face all the time - he's cheeking it.
Meanwhile, the Vice President has taken over the for the President, who is in a coma. Some may say that this is the scariest scenario of all, but this is fiction, not real life.
On a personal note, I think it's a hoot watching Ricky Schroeder of "Silver Spoons" fame as a badass federal agent. No longer "Rick", he's managed to torture/interrogate one of his co-worker's, only to find out she was innocent in the first place.
Some folks out there are saying that this show has gone too far with some torture scenes, and that's giving the green light to our troops in the field. So, honestly, what's the problem with that?

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