Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Circus Is In Town

A couple of weeks ago, I received some free tickets to see the circus (no, not "The Greatest Show On Earth") and since it's been years since I've gone to a circus, I thought it'd be a hoot to see what was under the big top.
I was really expecting to see a lot of old people wanting to recapture their lost memories. After all, it is Myrtle Beach. In the winter months, these mall walking bastards are everywhere, but I guess a lot of them have gone back to where ever they came from in the first place.
Instead of seniors, I got senoras. Mexicans. Wall to wall. And they were the performers. With the exception of the Ringmaster, his equally disturbing female co-hostess, and the Asian acrobats, just about everyone was from South of the Border, and I don't mean the horribly cheesy spot on I-95.
(I just have to say that the co-ringmaster or whatever the hell her title was could have been almost attractive. However, wearing her prom dress was an odd choice at best, and she looked eerily like that scary chick from the Squirrel Nut Zippers.)
The motorcycle stunt riders, the horseback riders, the trapeze artists, the clowns and most of the audience were latinos. Nothing against them, honest. But holy shit, they're a prolific bunch.
In the category of "nicest ass" there was a tie between two of the trapeze artists and Serena, the human canonball. Serena, who was allegedly from the Ukraine, unfortunately had a face sent the clowns screaming, but what a nice hynie. And my lovely free seat was in the end zone, where I could scope the trapeze chicks on their perch from behind. What a view!
So, if you have a chance to catch this show, get your free ticket and head down to Murrells Inlet. And if you want to have some fun, wear a baseball hat with "INS" on it and try to scalp green cards. Ole!

Follow up: Florida won the NCAA b-ball championship last night for the second year in a row. I'm sure the Ohio St. fans are wondering what the hell is going on since they got beaten badly by Florida for the football championship earlier in the year.

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