Friday, April 20, 2007

NBC Gave Us A Cho Job

This week, a Korean national named Cho with mental problems decided to take out a bunch of his fellow students at Virginia Tech. I knew the ACC was a tough conference, but shit.
After shooting up the place, Cho made the only rational decision of the day and shot himself. Great. You saved us the time and expense of having to put you on trial. But what did this sneaky shit do? He mailed a "manifesto" of sorts to NBC, who received the package two days after the carnage. No word on if he used FedEx or the U. S. Postal service, but I'm sure there's an endorsement deal that just went up in smoke.
I turned on the television Wednesday evening to see images of this guy with guns pointing at the camera and the news guy is saying how disturbing it must be to the students and victims' families to see this prick's message from "beyond the grave". Hey dickhead, nobody said you had to show it! And it went on and on and on.
The next day, NBC was under fire for being the whores they are and milking this crap for every dime of advertising dollars they could get.
So here's the deal. The next time some dick decides to shoot a bunch of people, he can send his message to NBC (or other media outlets) and be assured that they'll do the irresponsible thing and show it. I just wish they'd show Don Imus put a bullet in his head after he shoots off his mouth.

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