Friday, May 18, 2007

Hooray, The Bikers Are Here!

If you live anywhere near the Grand Strand, you know how much fun May can be. Personally, I can hardly contain my emotions this time of year. With hundreds of thousands of motorcycles roaring up and down the road, it sure is a great time to live here.

For the past seven or eight days, some of the coolest people I've ever seen breeze in and out of traffic, seemingly with no regard for the others in automobiles. Of course, there have been a few accidents (84 at last count) and even a few fatalities (3, and the over/under this year is 7), but gosh darn it all, it's all fun.

There are some things that confuse me though. Why, for example, when it's hot outside, do people go to the beach, wear lots of leather and ride up and down the road, where it's even hotter? You're at the beach! Go to the beach. Get in the damn water and cool off. Shit, you can ride around in Pennsylvania if that all you want to do. It's cool there, just like you.

And as you probably know, this is Harley week. Attended predominantly by a bunch of honkies, it's a stark contrast to next weekend, known in these here parts as "black biker week", unofficially, I might add. I love it when some idiot tries to distinguish the two by claiming that the Harley riders are "professionals, lawyers and doctors". As an open minded kind of guy, I went through the parking lot at both locations of Dog House, Suck Bang Blow and HB Spokes. There are definitely more "doctors and lawyers" in prison than at these spots. Trust the Carrot on this one.

But overall, I'm glad they're here. I like loud noise and I want to go to their hometowns and return the favor. Who needs sleep anyhow? And I really enjoy waiting twice as long for a table on Mother's Day. So does mom. Just because it's her day, doesn't mean she can't be inconvenienced.

So next week, let's all remember the veterans who gave their lives for this country by watching some big asses on bikes and throwing back some forties. Memorial Day wouldn't be the same.

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