Friday, June 01, 2007

What's Next?

So we finished out another May with its motorcycle rallies. For some reason, we can't have one big bike rally, but instead we have two. The Harley guys show up about a week or so before "Da Momo" (see previous post). But in the name of racial harmony, why don't they pool their resources and have a big ole time together?

Two things would be accomplished by doing this: One, Atlantic Beach, home of Da Momo, might actually make a buck. Seems their revenue has dropped steadily during the past few Black Bike rallies and this could get some of those "professionals" Harley riders into the town.
Secondly, I could get an extra week of peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, this all makes too much sense. So here are some suggestions for other rallies.
Latino Bikers
Amerasian Bikers
NAMBLA Bikers (and their little friends, of course)
Cancer Survivor Bikers
Pan African Bikers
Service Industry Bikers
Baby Daddy Bikers
Gay Eskimo Bikers

Speaking of, the Baron himself called our home office with vital information. Seems that David Hyde Pierce, Niles Crane of the "Frasier" television show, is officially out of the closet. Who knew? The way he pranced around sipping lattes nearly had me convinced he wanted to bang Daphne.
How about an Outted Actors Bike rally?

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