Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Is In Big Trouble!

I know, I know. You don't have to say it. Who gives a shit about Lindsay Lohan? Well, evidently, you do. Admit it.

Personally, I didn't want to write about this big dummy, but the Baron called to let me know that he didn't like her or her ilk. The Baron is right in one regard and that is that the press spends way too much time on the new generation of idiot skanks. Brittany, Paris and Lindsay are being rammed down the throats of folks like me that try to avoid it. (Personally, I think Paris has had something rammed down her throat already.)

But do you really care if Nicole Ritchie is knocked up. She's not all that attractive to begin with. No meat on her bones and a face like E.T. And that's glamour!!!

So now we have Lohan plastered all over the news, as if it's news, and pictures of her with her non-working ankle bracelet which couldn't detect the alcohol in her system due to the giant bandage wrapped between the said ankle bracelet and her ankle.

The latest is that the Lindster is claiming the coke in her tight jeans couldn't be hers because she was wearing someone elses pants. I'm sorry, but those jeans were probably made for that tight little behind of hers, so I'm calling "Bullshit!" on L.L.

By the by, her mug shot was actually kind of hot, in a trailer park dirty girl way. Is that acne scars or has she promoted herself to crystal meth?

And what really sucks is that I shouldn't even know this information.

I am asking everyone to help me with a project. As soon as you hear or see something about these turds, turn it off and scream "I don't give shit and Posh Spice can go back to England!"

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