Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Solving The Illegal Immigration Problem

Congress recently killed the big immigration bill that would have allowed Mexicans to go back home and come back with all of their families. The big problem was that the bill was supported by Presidente Bush, and right now he's not getting much love from the public. Also, the bill's opponents said it would have given amnesty to the Mexicans that are here.

The last time I remember amnesty granting was in the 70's when we told all the guys that ran off to Canada to avoid being sent to Vietnam. President Carter proclaimed them forgiven and let them come back without fear of being sent to jail.

But I digress. The problem with the bill was these people were illegal aliens, which means they weren't supposed to be here in the first damn place. But they work hard and cheap. And this is how we beat back this beaner menace.

First of all, we as Americans have to get off of our lazy asses and work a little more. That means getting a second job or cutting your own grass. You see, if we take the jobs they work, there will be no work for them. Hah!

Secondly, we need a reward system. If you capture a criminal, you get a reward, right? And the government is always bitching about not being able to round up 12 million Mexicans. Make it worth my while, though, and I'll help out. How about a $25 dollar bounty for each illegal turned in to the cops. Shit, even the crackheads will turn in their dealers for that.

Hell, I can think of about $750 worth of illegals working in restaurants right off the top of my head and I'm not even trying hard. That's making bank!!

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