Monday, August 20, 2007

Hug A Honky Day

In the spirit of peace and brotherhood, Dr. Robert Bimbeaux, PhD, has come up with another of his brilliant and alcohol induced ideas: Hug A Honky Day!

By a simple embrace inspired by Amma, the good doctor figured that honkies need some lovin' too. Of course it sounds too easy to make fun of an idea, especially one that involved hugging a stranger, but with some new age music and a little bourbon, it's all good.

So, next time you see a honky who's a little down, give him or her the hug they need.

We do need your help. Even though it's fine to hug a honky any day of the year, we would like your input for a day that is put aside to celebrate Dr. Bimbeaux's genius. Any suggestions will be taken seriously.

Also, we have a great promotional video to help us roll out "Hug A Honky" day. Enjoy.

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