Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boycotting Mattel

It's been a while since I've been on here, spreading my wisdom. Unfortunately, things may be even more sporadic for the next few weeks as well. Work, work, work. Hey, Willie B., how about stepping up to the plate and helping out, bro?

A couple of weeks back, Mattel, that huge toy company that we all grew up with in our homes, had to recall a bunch of toys. Seems that Mattel has most of their toys made in China and the Chinese were still using lead paint in their manufacturing. Didn't we do away with lead-based paint like a hundred years ago or something? Are the Chinese that far behind us? Are they using asbestos as well?

After Mattel lost millions of bucks because of this affair, they had a sit-down with the Chinese, who promised to get rid of the paint. Great. But, the kicker came this week when Mattel showed what a bunch of pussies they are and actually apologized to the Chinese!!! According to the news article, Mattel sent one of their executives to personally kiss the ass of Li Changjang (seriously, that's the asshole's name), who is China's product safety chief. What the hell is going on here?

Mattel is worried that the Chinese dickheads, whose feelings have been hurt through all of this, will impose extra costs on them, like taxes and fees as repercussions. I've got my own suggestion.

Since Mattel doesn't manufacture their shit here anyway, I say we just don't buy their toys anymore. It's bad when they poison our children, but it's worse when we have to wuss out to the Chinese for it.

How about this? Mattel moves back to the States, or even Canada (practically our 51st state) and introduces a new doll that faces east and raises her middle finger. It's called the "Go Fuck Yourself Barbie". I'll buy three.

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