Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Ron Paul

Christmas has come and almost gone and I'm sitting here thinking about all the cool shit that people got for Christmas. Britney Spears' sister got a bun in her oven. I honestly didn't see that one coming. Jamie Lyn, or whatever the hell her name is, has had her own show on television for a while, and she seemed like she wasn't nearly as trashy as her older sister, but what the hell do I know? I guess someone forgot to tell her that there are two things in air that could get her pregnant - her legs! Damn, I love that joke.

And even though I've been staying away from the political shit for a reason, I've got to mention what a gift Ron Paul got this weekend. The darling of the Libertarians received his own 30 minutes on Meet Da Press and, boy, did he convince me of one thing. That is a crazy old bastard! Everytime Tim Russert would throw some shit in his face, he'd stand in there and take it like Ricky Hatton. Then he'd respond with some inane response like, "I never said that" or "I'm pretty sure I didn't say that." Oddly enough, he came off like your half-nuts grandpa that you still dig just because he acts stoned even when he's not.
Well, Mr. Paul, you got the endorsement of this Hairy Carrot. Use it in all of your advertisements, right next to your ending the war on drugs platform.

Ron Paul is also an ob/gyn, which means he needs to have a sit down with the Spears girls and perhaps promise them cabinet positions. Of course, Britney would say that the "cabinet" position hurts her knees.

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