Sunday, February 17, 2008

Internet Games

We're all familiar with the internet games that come with our computers. Checkers, backgammon and the rest. Have you ever played these things? If so, then you know what a bunch of little pricks are out there.

I won't go into too much detail, but needless to say people are weasels. They'll quit playing if they're losing, or worse, just sit there and not move, take their turn or whatever, so you'll quit from boredom. Take an ass whipping like a man.

The worst of all are the Yahoo Games. They're rated, and of course, so are the players. If you're new to a game and you would like to practice, they don't want you, so you get "booted" from all the good tables. For instance, say you're really good at backgammon, but you've never actually played on Yahoo, you're lack of a record would make people not want to play you (if that makes sense). It's the same logic of ACC basketball teams not wanting to play the mid-majors. A loss hurts more than a win helps. It's a lose-lose scenario, just like the obvious social skills of these players.

Screw good sportmanship!!

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