Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dining Out In Myrtle Beach

I finally broke down the other evening and went out to eat a meal. For those of you not familiar with the Grand Strand, the one area that constantly needs to be addressed is getting good help. It's been like that forever, or at least since I moved here nearly 20 years ago. So I can hardly be surprised to wait 30-45 minutes to be seated by a pierced chick and served by a dude with tattoos. Actually, I kind of expect it.

Maybe I'm a little old school, but I've always been taught that when you're at work you need to cover that shit up. However, it doesn't matter if you go to a "fine dining" establishment or Burger King, you're still getting the cream of the crap taking your order and managing to screw that up.

I especially am wary of the ones that think that they're too good at their job to write the order down. These people always bring me something I didn't want (vegetables!) and when I send it back, you know they just scrape it off the plate with their nasty fingers - the ones that were just inside their nostrils 15 seconds before.

Unfortunately for the restaurants, the seasonal nature of this area results in this caliber of employee. Not my problem, though. I'll go to Food Lion and make a sandwich. My hands are clean.

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