Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Black Widow And The Lady's Man

Just as there were no reservoirs nor dogs in the movie "Reservoir Dogs", there are no black widows nor ladies' men in this blog.

Last weekend, Baron Von Horne flew into town on his private jet. I met up with his entourage and we decided to take everyone out for some uptown fun. Let's just say that it's going to a long time before someone else can claim to have closed Poo's and the Clubhouse in the same night.

How about that wacky economy, eh? It reminds me of the Great Depression. Prostitutes were plying their trade for as low as 10 cents, which probably was the inspiration for the song "Brother Can You Spare A Dime".

Atlantic Beach, SC is also on the verge of shutting it's doors. What's that? The sound of thunderous applause coming from everyone who doesn't live in Atlantic Beach. Actually, I heard that they were seriously trying to secure the Miss America pageant, but no one wanted to be Miss Idaho.

Clay Aiken finally announced he's gay, and that he's been gay this whole time, but we just didn't know it. I expect that Charles Barkley will be calling a press conference to let the world know that he's black.

Lindsay Lohan fessed up to munching the rug for the last few years. Sa-weet!

Sarah Palin hasn't done a lot. I don't think her "handlers" think she's very bright, because they won't let her talk to the press. She's the Vice Presidential nominee, not a hemophiliac on a bed of nails. She's a big girl and you have to let her leave the nest. Fly, little Sarah, fly! By the way, if she spins around, does she turn into Wonder Woman?

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Anonymous said...

Leave Sarah Palin alone!! And yes she does turn into Wonder Woman.