Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Introducing Dr. Robert Bimbeaux, PhD

Here at the Hairy Carrot Institute, we've been working on several issues that affect mankind. Least of all has been this stupid blog. It's obvious that it needs help. We haven't posted anything in over a year. Therefore, we've brought in the big guns.

Dr. Robert Bimbeaux, PhD is currently the head of the Hairy Carrot Home for Promiscuous Girls, a non-profit organization that gives back to the ladies that give all they have. Paying it forward, the good doctor, also know as Bobby Bimbo, has accepted the position of contributor for this blog.

Stay tuned and don't give up hope for us here. Christmas is just around the corner and then the beginning of a New Year, full of promise and resolutions that just won't be kept. Like we say, "Keep 'em hanging on with brief moment of false hope."

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